Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

My meals are mostly healthy...not saying they are perfect but I count calories because I am trying to lose weight so far I have lost 63lbs and I am trying to lose another 84lbs...whew I just typed that out and because its such a massive number it feels a little overwhelming so for my mental stability lets just talk about my short term goal...which is 34lbs..there now that's not so bad...34 doesn't make me start to hyperventilate. I used to make a menu every week but stopped somewhere about 8 months know right around when M2 (monster 2) was born. I thought that a 2nd kid wouldn't phase me...I made up a huge menu just like always and froze a bunch of meals to cook ahead. You would think that would have been a great plan for me...and it was. I would say it actually works for most people. Well really I know it works for some at least. It didn't so much for me. Stuff happens to my head and house when a baby comes into it....normal you might say but unfortunately rarely is my reaction ever normal. When I finally got to experience 2 kids as in 2 weeks after my C-section my husband went back to work because we couldn't afford for him to be off any longer.. and I was alone with both monsters...that's when it hit. Chaos in its craziest form and I had enough hormones still racing thru my veins for 3 women... We ate those meals I had froze but with no rhyme or reason...without the planned side dishes. So in all honesty I am just now getting my junk together to be able to do this. So without further ado below will be my menu. I plan on sharing some recipes so if anyone actually reads this and wants a recipe let me know and I will post it. It may seem like a lot of chicken and beef...but I base my menu on surprise what I am in the mood for and this is it ladies and I am just joining in the fun over at I'm an Organizing Junkie. I will be heading over there to check out lots of links and get ideas for future posts.

Monday- Chicken Tamale Casserole (a yummy cooking light recipe) Calorie Estimate 354
Tuesday- Chili Mac- Cal Est. 295
Wednesday- Herb Chicken Breast Seared with a pan gravy-Cal Est. 266
Thursday- Pepper Beef Stir Fry with Soba Noodles- Cal Est. 323
Friday- Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza- No calorie Est at this time I am working on the recipe just bought a few new pizza tools and can't decide if I want to make it Deep Dish or Thin and Crispy.
Saturday-Raspberry Glazed Chicken- Cal Est. 233
Sunday-Sloppy Joes- Cal Est 272

*Calorie Estimates are just that a rough estimate...I do calculate them exactly before I cook the meals based on the ingredients I have...believe it or not from one brand to another calories change and chicken breast size may be a little more or get the pic. Also that is just for the main course so depending on my sides the calories go up.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lets get it started...

So right after my first post the plague hit my house...both kids got sick, then me and finally the hubby ended up with it. Needless to say everything I wanted to start got put on the back burner....which come to think of it thats where everything stays. I find myself making grand plans and wanting to accomplish things but never really getting around to it...So I am going to make small goals...tiny goals...see if I can get the ball rolling and maybe just maybe have the snowball effect.... Its not that I dont want to get started and do things I dont know what happens to the drive that I have mentally to get things done but I am starting to feel like its going to be different this time....because I don't really know what it is but I want to build in use an actual hammer, nails and wood. When I say that my husband cringes...literally. You see I am not the most graceful of creatures...I am accident prone...I am also not detail orientated...I am sure he could add to the list of why I should be put in a bubble for the rest of my life so as not to harm myself or anyone around me but unfortunately for him I would just pop the bubble anyways. So to make it less painful for him I am going to start small...pick something that probably won't bring the house down around our ears...or cause any permanent damage to myself..   Part of my problem with choosing what I want to do is I dont have a clue what my decorating style is. I like a little of everything... So I guess as I go room by room doing my projects I will see what my style really is..or at least get a better idea of where I am going....First things first lets pick a project...

Monday, January 3, 2011

The post where I talk about myself and pretend you care....or at least pretend there is someone out there reading it.

So Happy New Year...its 2011. I am currently a stay at home mom of 2 fabulous little boys. They are 2 years and 7 months. The 2 year old M1 (monster 1) has apparently made it his lifes goal to make me lose my mind. The 7 month old M2 (monster 2) is still debating...he currently goes back and forth between the sweetest baby ever and the monster that will be the perfect side kick to M1. One day if I stop blogging never to be heard from again M1 was may find me on my shrink's lovely couch making moaning noises curled in a fetal position...or pulling a Goldie Hawn from the movie Overboard where the fake hubby comes home and she is sitting on the couch just going bah bah bah bah bah bah over and over again. True story when I am having a bad day I actually text message bah bah bah bah to my hubs...thank goodness he gets me and only thinks I am semi-nuts.

On to what a blog is really mostly me me me. I am honest and straight forward. I tell it like it is. I am also a bit drummer well he is beating a different tune...and it probably ain't the same rhythm as yours either...that's ok though...I don't mind being different.

I am a 30 year old Southern Gal still living in the south. I worked for most of my life in one customer service position or another..but now I am a stay at home mom. I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with a terminal cancer at the age of 17. Being 17 and told you have 2 weeks to live...well lets just say it re-writes your life....or in that case lack there of. Somehow through divine intervention or just my plain stubbornness about not liking being told what I was going to I am. In remission now 12 years....full story to be told at another time...or pieces of it at different times till you get the gist. I have actually done alot of things the doctors told me I wouldn't. Like have kids...I went through 5 years of fertility treatments with medical help... I was told by top specialists..."children just aren't in your future". Good thing the doctors I went to aren't part of the psychic network...because hello 2 kids now that grew inside of me...and I birthed...well almost birthed technically the doctor cut them out but I totally feel like I birthed these babies...anyways a couple more billion payments to the hospital and they will completely consider these kids all mine.

I feel like though I have overcome alot already that I haven't done enough. So this year I have decided its going to be my year...that's right I claim it... This year I am going to shine... I have decided that instead of sitting on my fluffy...lets just be polite since we are just starting out and say "beehind" (please imagine with a strong southern twang)... I am going to get off it. I am going to follow my stars instead of just looking at them....and I am going to write about it along the way...What are my stars you ask? At least I hope that was you asking and not just the little voices in my head....This year I am going to lose the weight all of it finally...and I know everyone says that but last year after having a baby in May 2010 I totally rocked it and have lost...(you should be mentally be inserting a drum roll here) 56 pounds of flubber as of the scales reading this morning. Another star I am chasing is being a better Mom and Wife. Truly I want this blog to be a reflection of me...the real me. So I will put up recipes, crafts, home remodeling, Mommy junk....whatever just pieces of my life. So that I have a living record of what I have done...something I can look back at. So that hopefully I can say that I made an effort to follow my stars..whatever they were.