Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

My meals are mostly healthy...not saying they are perfect but I count calories because I am trying to lose weight so far I have lost 63lbs and I am trying to lose another 84lbs...whew I just typed that out and because its such a massive number it feels a little overwhelming so for my mental stability lets just talk about my short term goal...which is 34lbs..there now that's not so bad...34 doesn't make me start to hyperventilate. I used to make a menu every week but stopped somewhere about 8 months know right around when M2 (monster 2) was born. I thought that a 2nd kid wouldn't phase me...I made up a huge menu just like always and froze a bunch of meals to cook ahead. You would think that would have been a great plan for me...and it was. I would say it actually works for most people. Well really I know it works for some at least. It didn't so much for me. Stuff happens to my head and house when a baby comes into it....normal you might say but unfortunately rarely is my reaction ever normal. When I finally got to experience 2 kids as in 2 weeks after my C-section my husband went back to work because we couldn't afford for him to be off any longer.. and I was alone with both monsters...that's when it hit. Chaos in its craziest form and I had enough hormones still racing thru my veins for 3 women... We ate those meals I had froze but with no rhyme or reason...without the planned side dishes. So in all honesty I am just now getting my junk together to be able to do this. So without further ado below will be my menu. I plan on sharing some recipes so if anyone actually reads this and wants a recipe let me know and I will post it. It may seem like a lot of chicken and beef...but I base my menu on surprise what I am in the mood for and this is it ladies and I am just joining in the fun over at I'm an Organizing Junkie. I will be heading over there to check out lots of links and get ideas for future posts.

Monday- Chicken Tamale Casserole (a yummy cooking light recipe) Calorie Estimate 354
Tuesday- Chili Mac- Cal Est. 295
Wednesday- Herb Chicken Breast Seared with a pan gravy-Cal Est. 266
Thursday- Pepper Beef Stir Fry with Soba Noodles- Cal Est. 323
Friday- Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza- No calorie Est at this time I am working on the recipe just bought a few new pizza tools and can't decide if I want to make it Deep Dish or Thin and Crispy.
Saturday-Raspberry Glazed Chicken- Cal Est. 233
Sunday-Sloppy Joes- Cal Est 272

*Calorie Estimates are just that a rough estimate...I do calculate them exactly before I cook the meals based on the ingredients I have...believe it or not from one brand to another calories change and chicken breast size may be a little more or get the pic. Also that is just for the main course so depending on my sides the calories go up.

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